4 key points for a DIY Couples Neck massage

4 key points
for a DIY Couples Neck massage

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to reconnect with the unconditional love we all share as human beings. How can we restore a sense of love and connection into our everyday interactions? By stoking our heart’s fire, caring for each other, and keeping life fun! What about giving them a Massage that will nurture your connection, and will help them feel more relaxed and happy?

I’d like to share with you four key elements, many of which go hand in hand, and a detailed video to help you give your loved one a wonderful neck Massage on Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Let Valentine’s Day radiate it’s warmth and love for you and those who most matter to you!

"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is Love"

Lana del Rey


First, find a quiet place where you can create a peaceful and loving environment. You can dim the lights or turn off the lights and light some candles, light some incense that you both like and put some ambient music of your preference.

For a neck massage it is easier and more comfortable for both of you if the person receiving is sitting down. You might choose to sit on the ground with a blanket, on a chair or on a pilates ball.


It is quite important to be present while you are giving a massage. One of the principles of Shiatsu is to «Being rather than Doing». Just bring your awareness to your breath, your own alignment and levels of relaxation while you are giving.

Before you start, you can take up to five minutes to clear your mind chatter and to prepare to work on your partner. An important point in Shiatsu is the connection with your breath and with your partner’s breath. You can simply put one hand in your heart and another hand in the abdomen and take a few comfortable breaths in to your tummy.


Massage offers an opportunity to communicate in a non verbal way. Massaging another person gives you a chance to listen deeply to your intuition and see what the receiver’s body is telling you. While this might require some practice, you will be able to tap into your partner’s needs without many words.

Initially you may want to ask questions to make sure your pressure, pace and areas touched feel right. You may find these questions helpful: «Is this ok?», «How is the pressure?», «Would you like me to change anything I am doing?». And of course, the person receiving can always let us know what works best for them.

Relax & Have Fun

Remember that you are not a professional Massage Therapist and it’s ok to mess up things at the beginning, though you want to make sure that you and your partner feel safe at all times. The most important thing is to trust yourself, communicate and be confident. Just enjoy the time you’ve set aside to experience each other. The technique is not as important as the intention.

No matter what, there will be an appreciation that you tried. And what could be better than honoring your partner’s whole body, mind and spirit with the gift of your time, respect and love?

Watch the video below